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    Health Benefits

    Health Benefits

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    What are the benefits of having a steam room?

    sauna roomHealth Benefits

    As a normal process, the human body automatically tries to cool itself down when its temperature goes beyond the normal levels. When this happens, the body produces certain enzymes and chemicals that can help out in curing infections and alleviating pain. Now, when the body is subjected to the conditions inside the sauna, it mimics conditions brought on by a feverish temperature. The body attempts to fight off this “phantom” fever by creating antibodies and producing more blood cells to boost one’s immune system. Through this, the body’s overall health is improved. These are only a few of the reasons why doctors recommended the use of a steam sauna.

    Based on various researches conducted, results showed that fever can induce a few bodily functions that are beneficial for it. A few of these functions are as follows.

    1. It helps boost the production and growth of a specific type of white blood cells called T-cells. Apart from that, it also helps enhance its mobility.
    2. It improves interferon activity. Interferon is a type of protein that is created by a host cell to fight off threats or harmful toxins in the body like bacteria.
    3. It minimizes the effects of endotoxins.

    Benefits of Heat in the Human Body

    The body’s natural inclination to fight off fever is a good mechanism. Fighting off fever is a process that the body initiates to kill the virus or the bacteria through the use of heat. The more the human body goes through this process, the more equipped it will be when handling such conditions. It will become better at it and that means having a stronger immune system.

    Heat also benefits the body in several other ways apart from the improved function of the immune system. A few of these are provided below.

    1. Increased body temperature boosts one’s heart rate. This allows blood to circulate better to capillaries near to the skin.
    2. It increases the production of white blood cells. This benefits the body as it allows it to better combat dangerous viruses. It also helps in the recovery and treatment of major conditions such as respiratory diseases, heart problems and even cancer.
    3. It helps disable and kill microbes.
    4. It improves the body’s rate of metabolism.
    5. It helps relax and soothe the muscles.
    6. It increases enzyme production.
    7. It minimizes and even eliminates muscle pains, joint and nerve discomfort.
    8. It reduces or fights off diseases.
    9. It helps get rid of harmful toxins from the body and burns calories through sweating.
    10. It aids in cleansing the skin pores.

    Miami 1050Steam Generators

    Steam generators are commonly found in saunas. It is responsible for producing water vapors, which fill the cabin. It then raises the temperature in accordance to the user’s preferences. The human body, particularly the skin, requires a constant of oxygen as it helps keep the body healthy and aids the skin in producing new skin cells and maintaining existing ones. Since the skin pores usually get clogged with dirt, sweating allows them to open up and get rid of those dirt, which then allows your skin to breathe properly once again.

    There are two ways involved when it comes to the activation of the sweating process. The first one is through the parasympathetic process and the other one is through the sympathetic process. Both processes will trigger the activation of different mechanisms in the body. According to Dr. Lawrence, sweating induced in the steam room is preferable than the one induced when doing exercises.

    Dr. Michael Lyon, the managing director of the Cline Medical Centre Hyperthermic Detoxification Program, said sweat is produced by the lymph and toxins in the body are eliminated through it. When engaging in exercises, the production of sweat also requires the participation of the kidneys and liver. However, if sweat is produced through the use of a steam bath, the body does not use these organs these much, which is helpful because lesser pressure is placed on them during the process.

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    Two types of toxins in the body

    There are two types of toxins and one of them are known as exogenous toxins. This type of toxins are referred to as the pollutants and chemicals coming from our surroundings and environment. The other type is called the exogenous toxins. They are the toxins that are also referred to as biological wastes from the body.

    There are countless chemicals and other pollutants in our environment today. These include fertilizers, heavy metals, pesticides, exhaust fumes and a lot more. Constant exposure to all of these can trigger various health conditions. Fortunately, our body automatically fights these toxins but only to a certain extent. As expected, the body will fall into sickness if it is overloaded with these toxins.

    Our skin plays a vital role in our appearance and it also has an important role when it comes to sweating. Toxins are eliminated by body organs like the liver, kidney and lungs through the skin.

    Furthermore, the tissue spaces contains tissue fluid with fat deposits. These fluids and deposits also have waste products, which are produced due to the body’s metabolism. These toxins come out when the body perspires.


    Improving Health

    Although using steam rooms can help you improve your health, relying on it alone is not sufficient. Several factors are at play when it comes to achieving good health and wellness. Dr. Nenah Sylver listed a few.

    1. The amount of water we drink every day plays an important role.
    2. The amount of whole, clean, unprocessed and fresh food we consume every day.
    3. How frequent your body eliminates toxic chemicals that were obtained from the environment.
    4. How often and the amount of fresh air that you get
    5. How long do you get sunlight
    6. The frequency of workouts
    7. How many hours of sleep you get in a day
    8. Your outlook in life.

    Hydro Plus Mirror Main image (2)Health improvement through steam saunas


    Steam saunas offer a lot of benefits. A few of these are provided below.

    1. It helps relax your body muscles.
    2. It helps loosen your body muscles.
    3. It is ideal for those who have joint pains as it helps relieve the discomfort.
    4. It helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis.
    5. It provides relief for patients who suffer from respiratory conditions like asthma. The steam or the moist air produced in saunas can help them with their breathing.
    6. Using the steam sauna with aromatherapy can help relax the mind.
    7. Taking a steam bath can improve one’s mood especially in today’s busy lifestyle.
    8. Steam baths help open skin pores. It removes dirt and pollutants trapped in the skin. All these can improve one’s skin tone and complexion.
    9. Steam baths are also ideal for the elderly. It promotes better sleep and even help in curing certain sleep disorders like insomnia.
    10. Sauna sessions can help stimulate the cardio vascular system by promoting blood circulation. It improves the health of your heart by increasing the heart rate by 100 to 150 per minute every once in a while.

     Here we talk  about the fitness benefits of a steam room for the average gym loving person