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    best steam shower

    Health Benefits

    Health Benefits

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    uk steam showers

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    steam shower brochure

    Reasons to buy a steam shower?

    A steam shower works by combining the functions of a steam room and a shower enclosure. Provided below are a few of the things that you can get if you purchase one for your home.

    1. Aromatherapy – almost all steam shower comes with a special inlet that allows aromatherapy essential oils to be added in to the steam that is generated by the unit. Through this feature, you will be able to enjoy all the health benefits that aromatherapy has to offer.
    2. Large Monsoon Shower – This feature comes in different sizes and there are those that that are far superior to a standard shower head. Having a steam shower will allow you to enjoy the benefits that a complete overhead has to offer. You will get to experience what a true monsoon brings.
    3. Digital touch Screen and Remote Control – Buttons are no longer in style. Why would you want to have an old-brick like phone if you can get one that comes with a touch pad? Modern steam saunas come with a sleek remote control which you can use to start up your steam cabin.
    4. Multimedia – It comes with a CD connection, radio and also a connection for your phone like Bluetooth. It features an integrated FM radio and CD connection that is linked to a powerful speaker in the roof to that the user has enough room but with lesser distractions. Although, you might have to do some explaining if someone calls you while you are using your steam sauna. They might ask you where you are because of the background created by the monsoon shower and radio playing.
    5. Overhead and Spotlights – Almost all units come with a specific type of environment-enhancing lighting. It may be an overhead light or a LED mood lighting against a crisp white backdrop or perhaps a dark mirrored glass.
    6. Sharp White Acrylic or Mirrored Back glass – whatever you may see fit and whatever is lacking in your bathroom, whether it is a sharp crisp white classic look you want to have or a modern appearance of a dark mirrored glass, you will surely get an elegant and sophisticated appeal.
    7. Massage jets – Full adaptable and controlled body jets are some of the best ways when it comes to massaging your body. It can help relieve stress and tension in your muscles. You will also feel more relaxed and improve your blood’s circulation through the high-pressure water and gentle massages.
    8. Steam – the steam is the biggest feature of a steam shower. Every unit comes with a generator that is usually placed behind the unit. It is responsible for dispersing steam into the cabin. If you have tried the steam room in the gym, you will know the difference between the two. Also, it comes with an inlet for essential oils which means the experience is way more relaxing than what the typical unit provides.


    Improving your bathroom

    Steam showers are growing in popularity thanks to the great reviews that homeowners give. Many people are planning to get one for the house because of many reasons.

    It offers exclusivity. What if you have two houses that are extremely identical in appearance? How can you make one more unique than the other? Simple, add a steam shower unit. Doing so will help you boost the value of your house, which is extremely beneficial if you are planning to sell it in the future. You will not have problems finding a buyer if you have this in your bathroom.

    Another factor is its desirability. Many people want to have this unit not only because of its visual appeal but also because of the many health benefits it has to offer. Having one will give you your very own spa retreat. Your family will enjoy this and everyone else will envy you.

    Value is also another important aspect. A steam shower enclosure needs to be set up since it is more than just a standard shower. You can assemble it and even dismantle it if needed. That would be useful if you are going to transfer to a new home. It is a good investment that you will enjoy for a long time.

    A steam shower is one of the best home improvement project that you can do. Based on a recent survey, it is one of the most desired home improvement units in the market today. They are more popular than hot tubs, saunas and gyms.


    Clearwater Left White MainHealth Benefits

    Consumers who own one know it and even experts agree to it. If you want facts, all you have to do is type in the terms steam therapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy or any related terms and you will see thousands of search results.


    Stress can affect us physically and mentally. It is important to rest every once in a while to refresh one’s mind and body. With your own steam shower, you will get to have you much-needed relaxation. You can forget about everything, may that be work –related or concerns over your personal life. Just put on your favourite CD, relax and enjoy the experience. Let the steam wash away all of your stress and tension.

    As mentioned earlier, this type of bathroom add on comes with a feature that allows aromatherapy. You can use any type of essential oil. There are lots of them in the market today with each serving its own purpose. These special oils can treat different illnesses ranging from coughs to lowering your blood pressure. There are certain essential oils that are designed for specific purposes like the tea tree oils and the lavender for relaxation. You just need to add a few drops on the steam shower outlet. Let it infuse the cabin and enjoy its wonderful effects. Aromatherapy is among the many reasons why steam shower is extremely popular.

    Detoxification is another health benefit of using a steam shower. Our bodies accumulate chemicals, pesticides, poisons and heavy metals due to our environment, lifestyle and even the food that we eat. It is important for the body to get rid of these harmful toxins to avoid suffering from health diseases. With the help of a steam shower unit, your body will be induced to produce sweat. The sweat will contain the harmful toxins that have been eliminated from your body.

    Using a steam shower cabin can also boost your immune system. It increases your body’s core temperature which triggers the production of antibodies. With this process, your immune system is strengthened, making it more capable of fighting off common diseases.

    Other health benefits that steam shower units offer include skin rejuvenation, pain relief from conditions like arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis, improves respiratory system by stimulating circulation, minimizes throat irritation and boost your body’s metabolism.

    So, as you can see, steam showers are great investments. Although they cost more than a regular steam shower, you are guaranteed to get the bang for your buck if you buy one for your home. It does not only make your house beautiful but also helps improve you and your loved ones’ health, body and mind.