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Why We Are The Best

We as a company have been in the business for over 15 years. From our humble beginnings simply offering a specialist installation service for people buying this type of unit we quickly became THE recommended installation service for many of the major manufacturers in the UK. Before we knew it due to popular demand, word of mouth and our unique position, our company grew and grew. The next step for the company saw us becoming involved in the design process with a major manufacturer, a testament to our knowledge and our front line position.

We have sold, serviced, installed, innovated, developed and designed - not many companies can claim to have as much experience, insight or knowledge as Vidalux

There are plenty of other shower companies out there - some try to be Rolls Royce and charge a really large premium for not a lot extra, while others try to cut costs at every corner and provide a short-term saving for a long-term heartache. At Vidalux we believe in honesty, transparency and good old fashioned quality at a reasonable price.

Our Aim Is Simple

We think having the little bit of luxury you deserve shouldn't cost the earth. We believe you should be able to combine great quality and still have change in your pocket.

How We Do It

Using our extensive knowledge, we have sourced, high-quality products, using leading manufacturing processes to bring you an affordable luxury range. We know the factories and we have hand-picked what we believe are the best sources for our items, remember we have sold, installed and designed showers from all kinds of different avenues.

Selecting the very best for our showers and then improving them further, we have not cut a single corner in build quality. Some improvements on our range include, toughened safety glass with additional stoving glaze finished applied for extra protection, shower trays that are more reinforced than the majority on the market, riser rails and fittings that we believe are one of the better quality in the steam and hydro shower market and thermostatic valves which use a 'Vernet thermostat' (improved reliability) - EVERYTHING we do is a reflection of our knowledge and values.

Customer Services

Backed up by our leading customer services, Vidalux do not rest at simply offering a better build quality and price, our superior knowledge and connections in the market, together with our constant development and innovations in our field is one of the main factors in Vidalux's meteoric rise from bathroom industry newcomers to being a name seen at all the relevant big outlets.

Becoming a leading name cannot happen if you do not offer customer satisfaction. We have dedicated and highly trained professionals with years of experience here, ready to help you with everything from bathroom design, technical and build concerns and more.

Spares Support

All our items come with an industry leading warranty period such is our confidence in our items. We actually get calls from customers that have purchased from other companies inquiring if our parts will fit their shower, as that company is out of stock. We actually source these parts as a secondary business. Due to our connections and knowledge and the lack of support from other companies, we can do this. However, for our own range, in the unlikely event, you do need a spare part, our large stock holding has you covered

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Delivery Network And Supply

2 Large warehouses in Heysham, Lancashire allow us to stock a large number of items to meet the large demand for them. With no waiting time for items, you can have your new luxury shower or bath delivered to your door in as little as 1 or 2 days regardless of where you are in the country. The fact is there is enough demand for our luxury, superior quality items that we can deliver to most areas of the UK within this time period. We cover all the four corners of the UK

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If you want a top of the range shower that's the best 'bang for your buck' - One that will bring a wealth of enjoyment - look no further


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