Any parts or component of the shower proven to be defective within the warranty period will be replaced under the terms herein. You should read this literature in full prior to your purchase and understand and accept the terms herein prior to purchasing.

We reserve the right to request both photographic evidence and/or a return of any shower part for testing of any item being claimed for under warranty before a replacement is agreed to be supplied.

In the case where a return is requested, only in the event of product fault will the returns postage will be paid by us, we will arrange a courier collection on an agreed date or refund any costs of postage incurred upon receipt of those costs. If the courier collection fails for any reason other than fault laying at ours or the arranged courier’s hands, the responsibility of the return and the cost must then be covered by the complainant and no further collection will be offered unless a secondary fee is agreed and paid prior. Please note: we only cover the cost of returns within the UK mainland. If a return is requested for the reason not relating to product fault, for example, but not limited to the following, wrong size, unsuitable or change of mind, The cost of the return is to be paid by the purchasing party

Replacement parts are sent via courier and these are sent only to the delivery address shown at purchase (UK mainland only, see below). In the event a part is no longer available or has been upgraded or revised, the updated replacement will be provided along with any other accompanying parts if it is part of a set and it is deemed to affect the product’s aesthetics.

The showers are sold and provided in “kit form”. MEANING – every part can easily be removed and exchanged. The warranty herein does not cover any expense (Either original or further costs) relating to the fitting of replacement parts either in entirety or part (percentage of costs incurred).

Warranty is for residential use and properties only as the purpose of use for all items. In no circumstance will any commercial use be covered in any aspect of the warranty unless a prior written confirmation to the contrary is given prior to purchase.

Items must be checked within 48 hours of delivery for cosmetic suitability – Any claims after this time may not be considered as it becomes increasingly difficult to determine the source of any cosmetic defect. This is also fundamental as to ensure any installation can take part as intended without delays

No installation should take place until all items have been deemed cosmetically acceptable. Once installation commences all products then enter into their governing warranty periods and no returns can be accepted, by commencing with the installation you are accepting the goods.


All Vidalux products come with a 12-month warranty as standard. This warranty period can be extended to the period stated in the product literature and advertisement upon registration. Some items carry an option to purchase/upgrade to an extended warranty period. This extended warranty MUST be purchased alongside the product from the retailer and be registered on our website.

The starting date for all warranties is the day of the delivery of the item to the consumers delivery address.

Registration of all warranties (regular and extended) is provided on our website and MUST take place within 90 days of delivery. Failure to register this extended warranty on the site along with the requested details on our submission page FOUND HERE and within the products instructions will render the extended warranty null and void and will be terminated in essence and practice. Failure to register the warranty will void any additional extended warranty periods purchased and the warranty coverage will then revert to a 12 months period. No refund can be given for failure to register a warranty either by us or the retailer once this period has expired. Steam Shower cabins, Whirlpool baths, steam generators and Hydro showers with electric features MUST have a part “P” installation certificate number provided on the submission form where new electric have been installed in the bathroom in accordance to UK law. This should be supplied to you by the trades person(s), company working on the electrics within the bathroom. If this number is not confirmed – any warranty claim cannot be accepted relating to electronic issues or failure resulting from malpractice or issues not certain to be a product fault. The “Part P” is a government backed scheme that is designed to ensure safe practice and the correct installation of electrical items in the home.

All our products are designed for DIY build, service, and maintenance – The warranty does not cover reimbursement for any time or expense incurred from 3rd party labour costs. If these services are employed, they are done so at the customer discretion and in the event the owner has chosen to employ an installation service we cannot be liable for any incurred expense. This includes any costs for installation, serving or replacing of parts.

All items/parts that make up the sum of the products are covered with the following exceptions:

The Replacement and/or repair of any unit which has been opened/tampered with from the factory seal (I.E steam generator/control panel/electric box).

Any item where calcium build up (hard water) is suspected to be the cause of the reported issue is not covered by the warranty. It is advised a water softener or another solution is called upon to rectify hard water issues such as calcium build up at the source to prevent any occurrence of problems. If you are known to be in a hard water area, fitting a water softener is essential. If you are unsure if you live in a hard water area you should contact your water board or relevant online information source. If the case where an item is returned to base for testing and calcium build up is present, images will be taken by our testing team and provided back to you along with an accompanying report. If it is suspected calcium build up is the reason of the issue this is not covered by the warranty as it is not product fault – A return of the original part or a paid replacement will be offered.

All items including steam generator units are for domestic use only. Installation with a commercial property, including but not exclusive to guest houses, dormitory, “large scale” rental property or similar is not covered under the warranty.

LEDs, light bulbs and chromotherapy lights have a 12 month warranty period as these are considered a ‘consumable durable’ that by design are not intended to last for an entirety.

Glass panels, metal profiles and chrome fittings are not covered by the warranty. As each of these items can be considered a solid component – In their supplied state they cannot degrade after original installation from the contact with water alone– Peeling or marking of the finish or paint can only occur due to contact with corrosive cleaning agents containing bleach or acidic elements. None of the materials within the products will degrade through contact with water or non-harsh, overly powerful cleaning agents.

Hydro showers, Steam showers, whirlpool baths or any item connected to a live water feed must be fitted with isolation taps (like a washing machine/dishwasher) and turned off when not in operation.

Making a Warranty Claim

All warranty claims are to be made exclusively by email to us using the warranty claims form on our website regardless of the origin of the purchase. This enables us to confirm the order information and retain written records of the reduction of our spare parts inventory. No warranty claims can be discussed or commented upon over our phones systems. This also allows both parties to obtain a written record of everything that has transpired

When any part or equipment has been replaced you will be responsible for disposing of the original equipment at your own cost if it remains in your possession and has not been instructed to be returned. The warranty is for replacement and does not offer a swap or collection service.

A number of claims for replacement parts during the warranty period is unlimited

All shower cabins must be fitted with isolation taps/points. These isolation taps should be turned off when not in operation.

Additional guidelines on how to operate and use your product correctly will be provided on the product advertised on the purchasing site and within the product’s instructions – You must adhere to these given guidelines.

Equipment must not be used in any manner other than those listed here and in the items instructions. Neglected and poorly installed items, items subjected to external damage are not covered by the warranty. Your product must in all cases have been serviced in accordance to Vidalux’s recommendations.

All product warranties are covered only within the UK mainland to the delivery address. If a retailer chooses to sell to an address outside UK mainland you should discuss with them if there is any additional cover for the delivery of warranty items. If the product or address for receipt of parts under warranty is outside UK mainland, parts are still provided through warranty although the fee/cost for the delivery of the parts is payable by the recipient.