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    Health Benefits

    Health Benefits

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    The Basics of Steam Shower Aromatherapy

    steam shower aromatherapyAromatherapy is growing in popularity these days mainly because of its marvelous effects on the user’s mind and body. It uses essential oils that are obtained from natural herb extracts and other compounds. They are formed through the unique combination of fruit extracts, flowers, roots and even solid wood. When we say steam shower aromatherapy, we are talking about the combination of the aforementioned essential oils and the water vapors generated by the steam shower. These fragrant vapors then fill the steam cabin to produce the relaxing experience that one usually sees at a spa.

    Aromatherapy is not something new. It has been around for centuries with some documents showing that it dates back for the past nine thousand years. Earlier civilizations has started using essential oils as a part of their therapy long before we did. The person responsible for introducing aromatherapy into the modern world is Rene-Maurice. He was the man who gave this process its name when he first used it during his practice in the year 1935. He performed his due diligence and was able to determine its wonderful benefits of lavender on his own wounds and the burns of war victims.

    Although it is true that its use offers remarkable benefits, aromatherapy is not recommended as a substitute for conventional medical treatments. Instead, it should be used as a complementary treatment to help anybody who uses it improve his or her mental and physical state. According to the comprehensive research of experts like Jean Valnet, aromatherapy oil comes in different types. These varieties could help in curing viruses, septic, inflammation and several other health problems. Based on studies, oils that are made from natural components are capable of killing bacteria and these are the main ingredients used to make pure essential oils. Several home steam baths are using aromatherapy not only for relaxation purposes but to also improve one’s state of health.

    steam shower aromatherapyStimulating the Senses

    An avid follower of aromatherapy, Cooksley, said the impeccable scent of geranium and lavender can help relieve a painful back. Furthermore, there are variations that can slow down the signs of aging. These can be achieved through a combination of essential oils of youth or by dipping the body in a tub that is filled with pure honey and herbal oils.
    Your overall experience of a steam bath can be improved through the use of aromatherapy oils while being in the steam shower. There are hundreds of essential oils available in the market today with each having its own unique benefits. Among the advantages that users of such steam bath therapies enjoy include having positive emotions, boosting focus and improving one’s attention span.
    As mentioned earlier aromatherapy provides several benefits. A few of which starts upon the inhalation of the essential oils. However, the benefits that one would see vary from one person to another. It is also based on certain factors. These include the user’s metabolism, environment or surroundings, the time of day when the aromatherapy is done, and the mood of the person when the treatment was administered.

    Scientific Proof
    The scientific proof supporting the claims that essential oils and aromatherapy are good for the health and mind is rapidly increasing. There were several trials conducted to back the claims and several of them showed positive results. However, most of these results are subject based or are qualitative proofs that cannot be measured statistically due to the varied fluctuations between subjects. However, most of the reports revealed that a large problem of medical problems can be relieved and even cured with the use of steam shower aromatherapy.
    Aromatherapy can be used as an alternative or additional treatment for those who are suffering from depression and other mental problems, according to Yim et al. Those who are having secondary depression as a result of serious medical conditions can also benefit from aromatherapy. There are other studies that also reveal the benefits of using complementary therapies on people suffering from various diseases. New research has also shown that essential oils can cure disease from different origins. Such treatments can cure fungi, bacteria, viruses and even cancer.

    steam shower aromatherapy

    Essential oils: What are its properties?

    Eucalyptus – this particular essential oil is popular for its medicinal properties. It is believed to be useful in treating inflammation, cough, cold, respiratory problems and easing muscular tension.

    Geranium – this essential oil is popular for its fresh and fruity aroma. It is the ideal choice for relaxation, skin rejuvenation and septic treatment.

    Lavender – this essential oil is perfect for those seeking to have a restful sleep, relaxed muscles and improved immune system. It works best as an antiseptic. It can also soothe small cuts and offer relief from headaches.

    Peppermint – this essential oil comes with a mint aroma. It offers treatment for viruses, headaches, muscle aches and digestive problems.

    Tea Tree – this type of essential oil offers quite a lot of benefits ranging from curing viruses, fungi and bacteria to boosting the user’s immune system.

    Lemon – lemon oils are great mood enhancers. They provide muscle relaxation, cure wounds, infections, flu and cold. They can also offer enhance the mood of those who are depressed.

    Rosemary – this type of essential offers many benefits. It can kill bacteria, rejuvenate skin, improve blood circulation and treat arthritis.

    Ylang Ylang – this essential oil can help get rid of anxiety, depression, stress and other mental conditions.

    Aromatherapy Uses
    Steam showers have a special inlet compartment at the back most of the time. However, there are also those that have a special outlet fixture where essential oils can be placed. Once these substances are placed, they are then diffused into the cabin and are diffused together with steam.
    Around five to eight drops of essential oils are enough. With this amount, a ten milliliter bottle will let you enjoy several sessions. You may even get to use it for several years if you have a complete set of essential oils. Also, please note that essential oils are not suggested to be directly used onto the skin and that they should also be diluted before they are placing them into the outlet.