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Can a sauna protect you against the Coronavirus?

Can a sauna protect you against the Coronavirus? [All Viruses & Infections]

Your first line of defence against the Coronavirus is to avoid situations where you may be infected by it. Your second line of defence is to strengthen your body as much as possible so you can resist its effects. Sauna usage is proved to be an extremely useful tool in boosting your body’s immune system so that it is in the strongest possible position to fight off any virus of infection.
how to clean your shower

How To Clean Your Vidalux Shower Or Bath

The great news about Vidalus’s modern self-contained shower-cabins and whirlpool baths is that they are really easy to maintain.  Say goodbye to scrubbing mould off tiles […]

Vidalux Sauna Buyers Guide

Why Vidalux? This, of course, is the first question and perhaps the easiest to answer because the Vidlux range of saunas aims to be the healthiest […]

Vidalux Range Of Steam Showers – The Best Steam Showers On The Market?

Shower Innovation Innovation That Others Envy Leading Where Others Follow Just what makes Vidalux the best-reviewed sauna and shower brand? Well, there is a lot to […]

Vidalux Whirlpool Bath Range – Much More Than A Regular Whirlpool Bath

Here at Vidalux, we know that life can be really stressful and it can be very hard on both your mind and your body.  That’s why […]
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Pure Electric Shower Range – Low Cost, Easy Install Electric Shower Cabins

Our Pure E range, as its name suggests, is our most simple range of shower cabins.  Notwithstanding this, they are a great way to add a […]

The Vidalux Pure Range Of Luxury Hydro Showers – Showers That Pay For Themselves?

With our Pure range, there’s always room for the simple luxury of a self-contained shower cabin in your bathroom, regardless of whether you’re fitting out a […]