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    Vidalux Whirlpool Bath Range – Much More Than A Regular Whirlpool Bath

    Here at Vidalux, we know that life can be really stressful and it can be very hard on both your mind and your body.  That’s why we put so much thought into our range of whirlpool baths, because we want you to have the ultimate, luxury bathing experience to ease away all your cares and soothe your body.

    A range of sizes

    Obviously, any bath is going to take up more floor space than a shower but if you think that whirlpool baths only come in huge sizes, then think again.  We’ve created a selection of showers in a range of sizes to give you maximum flexibility in your bathroom design.  What’s more, we offer a selection of different shapes, from the familiar rectangle, to offset designs in left- and right-hand versions.

    WBOS01 Left Hand 1500 x 850

    Built to last

    We’ve opted to use acrylic for all our whirlpool baths because we believe it offers the best balance of aesthetics and practicality.  These days you can get baths in general (and whirlpool baths in particular) made out of all kinds of materials, but if you want to use any of these baths in the bathroom of a standard family home, then we’d advise you to do your research very carefully before parting with your money.  Baths which look gorgeous on Pinterest can be utterly impractical in the real world, except, perhaps, in hotels and similar places.  For example, baths made out of stone are far heavier than their acrylic counterparts, which means your floor may need to be reinforced to hold them.  Baths made of metal obviously offer poor insulation.  Acrylic baths will fit into both modern and traditional bathrooms and resist stains and scratches to look good year after year.  They also offer excellent insulation.

    Practicalities matter

    At Vidalux, we understand that as a user, all you want to do is know that you can go into the privacy and convenience of your own bathroom, turn on your bath and have everything just work the way it should, so you can enjoy those lovely jets.  That’s exactly what we want for you, which is why we’ve made sure to take care of practicalities such as drainage and cleaning pipes so that your Vidalux whirlpool bath gives outstanding service time after time.  They may seem utterly unglamorous, but believe us, they’re important.


    Our whirlpool baths benefit from our own, patented “Truedrain” system.  This does exactly what the name suggests and drains the water away completely after every use.  Whirlpool baths which fail to drain completely are a fertile breeding ground for bacteria (which love moist, warm conditions) and at best this can create unpleasant smells in your bathroom, at worst it can be actively dangerous, for example harbouring Legionnaire’s disease.  This is why many whirlpool bath systems require users to disinfect their baths after each use, which we think is extremely tedious.  With our whirlpool baths, you just need to use an appropriate cleaner once a month.  For similar reasons, our pipework benefits from our “Truecare” system, which actively works to keep your pipes clear of harmful bacteria and hence to make sure your whirlpool bath is a safe place for you and your family.


    There’s more to jets than headline numbers

    We believe in treating our customers like intelligent people and explaining facts to them rather than just aiming to impress with big, bold, headline figures.  First of all, we’d like to be clear about what we mean when we talk about “whirlpool jets” and “spa jets”.  Whirlpool jets massage you with jets of water, whereas spa jets massage you with air.  This means that whirlpool jets provide a much more intense, deeper-level massage, whereas spa jets provide a lighter, gentler experience.  When you choose one of our whirlpool baths, you will have the choice of 10 whirlpool jets, 12 spa jets or both.  This is where the numbers start to get interesting.

    The reason we opted to use 10 whirlpool jets, rather than the standard 6 is that having the extra jets does make a meaningful difference to the overall user experience.  At the same time, however, we’ve chosen to use two back jets rather than the four you will often see elsewhere.  The reason for this is that it means that we can put them lower down closer to the base of the whirlpool bath, which ensures that they will direct their jets of water at your back, rather than be squirting them up into the air (fountaining).  As well as being powerful, the jets we use for our whirlpool baths are individually-adjustable, so you can always have your massage just how you like it.  We use 12 spa jets so you can enjoy a whole-body massage, choosing from three different speeds according to how you feel that day.

    WBDE02 1800 x 800 WBSB01 Left Hand 1700 x 750

    Finishing touches

    We suggest that you complete your whirlpool-bathing experience with our Aqualight system of chromotherapy lights, which can cycle through 7 colours or be set to stay on the colour, which best suits the mood you want to generate that day.  They can really help to make bath time extra-special.